No Going Back

No Going Back
Erika Ashby
What can I say but this book is awesome.. I loved the first book but wow, Seth and Mallory’s story is one that needed to be told.  Could you imagine being the woman that doesn’t want attachments.  All you want to do is get it on and move to the next because you haven’t found one that isn’t really worth it.  Well that’s Mallory in a nut shell.  She likes to have a good time party and hook up; that is until now.  Now she has a bun in her oven and she was gonna tell Seth it was his but then the whopper comes out and she can’t do it.  He broke her.
Seth thinks he made the right decision in the choice he made.  He’s a man and as a result he had to go back to his ex Allison.  The twist and turns with that one are well worth the read alone. 
Then comes along Nick.. He was Mallory’s date at the firemans ball.. Remember him… well he’s gonna be there to pick up some pieces in Mallory’s life.

Can Seth and Mallory find some way back or are they destined to just be without.  Read this book and see what unfolds in their lives. I would keep a box of tissues handy because some parts will make you laugh you’ll cry and others are just so downright sad that you can’t stop yourself from tearing up. Read it and Enjoy it and thank you again Erika for another awesome read. 

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